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Course of the first journey of Polo

The journey first went by sea to Persia (today’s Iran). Then they travelled overland through Persia to the old caravan town of Balch in present-day Afghanistan. There, for health reasons, they had to rest for a long time before they could conquer the Pamirs on high passes. The journey then continued on the famous Silk Road – do my assignment . After crossing the Lop-Nor Desert under the protection of an escort from the Great Khan, the Venetians arrived in 1275 at the Khan’s summer residence in Yunnan north of Beijing, which was then called Kambalu or Shangdu.

With the Great Khan in China

Marco Polo made his inaugural visit to the Khan – urgent essay writing service , reportedly saying:

“In the hall of the palace Marco was waiting for an audience with the Grand Khan Kubilai. Like all the other visitors, he brought leather slippers with him, which he had to put on so that he would not soil the magnificent carpets in the imperial apartments with street excrement. And like the others, he holds an elegant vessel in his hands into which they can spit while they are in the antechamber.

Finally, Marco tells the Khan all he has seen on his journey to Yunnan – . The accuracy of the report impresses the Khan so much that the young man is accepted into imperial service. According to his own words, he was given the title “Messer”, as he translated the actual Mongolian title “Nöyök” into Venetian. Thus began a career that was to last 17 years …”

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