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How to use the Venmo app to verify identification

Venmo is required by federal law to gather a specified set of user-specific data. Only after confirming their identification on Venmo can users make payments. You must provide some basic information about yourself in order to do this, including your name and either your TIN or the last four digits of your SSN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).


As a result, Venmo may send you an email asking for your SSN or identity to be verified. It should be emphasized that the Venmo app is the sole way to authenticate your identification and provide your personal information. The Venmo website does not allow access to this clause.


The identification verification procedure usually takes a few minutes, but occasionally it may take up to two or three working days if the team is unable to connect to the National Database.


The following steps can be used to assist you confirm your identity:


  • Download the Venmo app icon or Android.

  • Next, navigate to the app’s menu, which is in the top-left corner of the Venmo app screen.

  • Navigate to the Settings area from there.

  • You can choose Identity Verification under the Security subsection.

  • You can tap Next to proceed after selecting the Identity Verification option to be taken to the One-time security check page.

  • Your first and last names, birthdate, and the final four digits of your Social Security number must all be entered in this field.

  • You can use your ITIN, US passport information, driver’s license, etc. if you don’t have your SSN.


  • You can use your Venmo app at any time after completing all the requirements of the Venmo verify identity process.

How to verify a Venmo account without SSN?

If you don’t have an SSN, you may need to supply other information, such as information from your US passport, your driver’s license, your ITIN or its assignment letter, your SSN assignment letter, or a tribal identification card.

 Venmo email identity confirmation (2022)

If Venmo sent you an email confirming your identification, it signifies that they were unable to authenticate your identity and that new information and documentation are needed.

Is the identity check in the Venmo app secure?

As Venmo offers data protection and secures your data,  Venmo Identity Verification is unquestionably safe. Only identity-related information about persons is gathered in accordance with federal law’s rules.


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