Jul 18

AIMS-TTP awards the winners of the Best Lesson Competition, edition two.

After the successful launch of the first edition of the Best Mathematics Lesson Competition on November 21, 2018, in view of the National Award program, designed to spur the teachers in producing innovative teaching and learning strategies that’ll pique the students’ interest in Mathematics, to Identify pedagogical talents, and also prod them to be pro-active on the Community of Practice (CoP) platform.

AIMS-TTP launched the second edition of this competition on February 4, 2019 and closed its submission portals on March 31, 2019. 62 lessons were received against 80 lessons in the first edition. Though the number of applicants slightly reduced in this second edition, there were winners as opposed to the first edition where recipients received encouragement prices.

Mr. Bayiha Andre’s three lessons on: “Vocabulaire statistique”; “Reconnaitre et représenter un cylindre de revolution” and “Volume d’un Cylindre droit earned him the most awarded lesson author, both competitons combined. Mr, Bayiha, thanked AIMS for the initiative and the insightful training they received which paved the way for this success.

They were awarded the prizes on June 7 in Yaoundé and on June 12 in Bandjoun.